KrosFlo® KR2i RPM System

Tangential Flow Filtration System with In-Line Protein Concentration Management

Finally, a Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) system that monitors concentration during your UF/DF run. No longer are you dependent solely on mass inputs and off-line fixed-pathlength UV-Vis spectrophotometers. Now, you can measure what truly matters in real-time: your concentration.
With the power of the KrosFlo® KR2i Automated TFF System and the insights from the CTech™ FlowVPX® System, you can take control of your process.

  • Strengthen your process control with high accuracy and reproducible results.
  • Increase process efficiency by reducing cycling time and increasing yield throughput.
  • Reduce process risk by ensuring accurate concentration throughout the TFF process.

Power of Automation

Walk-away automation — 13 automated process control modes and manual operation, to meet your PD needs.

Minimize risk with fully enclosed ProConnex® custom flow paths, as part of the automated TFF process.

Robust processing allows for processing of volumes from 10 ml–10 L to meet both lab and clinical production requirements. Enables low volume, high concentration applications.

Flexible configuration — Compatible with flat sheet cassettes and hollow fiber filters with plug-n-play accessories for ultimate flexibility. Customizable flow path and small footprint.

Real-time Concentration Insights

In-Line integration of the FlowVPX instrument to UF/DF operations provides real-time protein concentration monitoring while allowing for feedback control.

Rapid Data Acquisition

generates 12 “QC-grade” concentration measurements in 1 minute (5 pathlengths in 5 seconds) with continuous data acquisition during the UF/DF process.

Broad Dynamic Range

allows for concentration measurement from 0.1 mg/ml to 300 mg/ml to be tested without dilution

Better Accuracy

Variable Pathlength Technology (VPT) allows the system to adjust to the right pathlength range for accurate measurements regardless of the molecule.

Integrated Data Analysis

Real-Time Process Management Software (KrosFlo® RPM™ Software)

Integrated software combines the power of the KR2i automation with the real-time insight from the FlowVPX System to give you the data you need and the control you’ve desired.

  • TFF automation control based on in-line concentration
  • Provides real-time overview at every step of the filtration process
  • Automatically graphs data and trends of critical inputs and outputs
  • Flexible plug-and-play technology for custom needs

Better Insights to Drive Better Outcomes

By leveraging in-line concentration data, you are not required to do upfront calculation or overcompensate for variability.



Providing you with key process in-sights allows you to better under-stand your process—reduce cycling time and minimizing batch risk.

Focus on the end goal by eliminating a common source of error seen with concentration factor (intermediate characteristic).

Better Control Regardless of Process Variables

With in-line concentration data as the primary control factor for the UF/DF run, the process was able to reach target final concentration regardless of starting volume, crossflow rate, TMP, or retentate hold-up volume.

One Platform for Maximum Alignment

Variable pathlength technology is delivered through the FlowVPX System in real-time during your process. The CTech™ SoloVPE® System is the perfect compliment to the RPM System, allowing at-line or off-line analysis that provides the same accurate analysis of your product and process. A single technology platform that drives alignment across various steps and functions.

Bioprocess Step CTech™ FlowVPX® System in-line (g/l) CTech™ SoloVPE® System off-line (g/l)
UF1/Diafiltration 47.7 47.6
Ultrafiltration 2 226 229

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