KrosFlo® KR2i RPMTM System

Tangential Flow Filtration System with In-line Protein Concentration Management

Finally, a Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) system that measures concentration during your UF/DF run. No longer are you dependent solely on mass inputs and off-line fixed-pathlength ultra-violet visible (UV-Vis) spectrophotometers. Now, you can measure what truly matters in real-time, your concentration. With the power of the KrosFlo® KR2i Automated TFF System and the process insights from the CTech™ FlowVPX® System, you can take control your process and make the first time the right time.

  • Strengthen your process control with high accuracy and reproducible results.
  • Increase process efficiency by reducing cycling time, increasing yield throughput
  • Reduces process risk by ensuring accurate concentration throughout the TFF process

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