CTech SoloVPE® System

The original Slope Spectroscopy® solution

With its patented variable pathlength technology, the SoloVPE System unlocks the power of Slope Spectroscopy. 

Moving beyond traditional fixed pathlength spectroscopy, the SoloVPE solution expands the UV-Vis technique to create a three-dimensional science.

Conceptually simple, but analytically empowering, the SoloVPE solution delivers rapid and accurate results to avoid costly dilution and decreases process errors. 

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Unlike the single value dependence of legacy UV-Vis methods, the data-dense slope method characterizes samples by collecting multiple absorbance data points at several pathlengths to create a section curve (absorbance vs. pathlength plot).

The section curve is then analyzed in real time to verify linearity in compliance with the Beer-Lambert law. The linear region of the section curve is directly proportional to the concentration of the sample based upon the sample extinction coefficient. 


The result? 

The SoloVPE System reports concentration results in less than 60 seconds. Capable of making spectral and fixed-point measurements at wavelengths between 190 nm and 1100 nm at pathlengths between 5 microns and 15 millimeters, the SoloVPE solution is adaptable to a wide range of sample types and concentrations. The SoloVPE System method has been proven to be accurate, precise, and robust. Therefore, it can easily and successfully be validated in accordance with ICH Q2(R1) requirements.

The variable pathlength technology allows R2 of ≥0.999 proving the system-to-system consistency is robust.


The flexibility and robustness of the technology is unparalleled when compared to traditional UV-Vis techniques and equipment.

Key Benefits

No Dilutions

Measure highly concentrated samples directly without dilution.

Eliminate Background Correction

Buffer/ background correction only required in special circumstances.

Reduce Sample Prep

Direct measurements of highly concentrated samples saves time and consumables.

Rapid Results

Concentration results in about one minute.

Low Sample Volume

Method and sample vessel dependent ranging from <20 μl to 2 ml can be reclaimed.

Platform Technology

Confidently work system-to-system with +/- 2% repeatability.

Product Details


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