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Data insight to drive key decision

All VPT devices are supported by CTech analytics software. Our proprietary software transforms SoloVPE, FlowVPE and FlowVPX UV-Vis data collection into actionable data insights.

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CTech ViPER ANLYTX — One platform for all your needs

Our newest and most innovative software tailored to your specific molecule. The CTech ViPER ANLYTX platform is designed with an app-based architecture where each app is designed for a dedicated purpose. One software platform for all your analytical needs.  Our software allows for easy interpretation of sample data, providing key insights that are automatically generated from absorbance over pathlength and display slope, R2, wavelength, concentration, extinction coefficient (if known) and specific users results. Everything you need to take action within your process.

Home page dashboard makes it easy to find your applications and adjust your settings. Home base for starting any project or picking up where you left off.

Comprehensive project screen allows you to visually identify all relevant key data points and generate quick slope analysis.

The ability to dive deeper into your data with detailed reports that include project-detailed summary (Report), detailed slope data readings (Slope Data) and the full collection of discrete absorbance measurements at a specified pathlength and wavelength (Raw Data).

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