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Introducing the FlowVPX®

Our newest in-line uv vis spectroscopy solution for GMP manufacturing delivers high quality and highly reproducible concentration measurement enabling increased process understanding, improved cycle time, and reduction in process control testing efforts.

Slope Spectroscopy® Method

Change the Way You Measure Concentration

For decades, ultraviolet visible spectroscopy was the standard for concentration measurement. Traditional uv vis spectrophotometers use a fixed pathlength approach to generate a single absolute absorbance value. But what if you could get more absorbance values, more data points, and ultimately better accuracy? What if you didn’t have to worry about sample dilution, contamination, and other errors? 

The solution is here — the Slope Spectroscopy® method can change the way you measure concentration.

Slope Spectroscopy using Variable Pathlength Technology

Change the variable, not the sample

Leveraging the power and flexibility of variable pathlength technology, Slope Spectroscopy is a rapid and robust concentration measurement method. Unlike traditional uv vis spectrophotometers, variable pathlength technology allows for our uv vis systems to take multiple reading in real-time. Giving you more absorbance reading, more data points, for better accuracy and more reliable results.

Traditional photometric analysis relies on a single data point at a fixed pathlength. Constraining the pathlength forces the analyst to adjust the sample to ensure it is within the measurement capabilities of the uv vis spectrophotometer. Dilution steps can introduce error due to the variability of techniques and the skill of the analyst. By varying the pathlength with a precision linear stage, Slope Spectroscopy eliminates the need to manipulate the sample and decreases errors. Variable pathlength technology provides an easy alternative to traditional uv vis spectroscopy.

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