SoloVPE Application: Plasmid DNA Purity

Measure Plasmid Purity With Unsurpassed Accuracy

The purest assessment you can get

The emergence of different high absorbance biotherapeutics modalities, such as oligonucleotides, presents a challenge in using traditional spectrophotometric methods for concentration measurements.  Slope Spectroscopy® offers an excellent alternative to traditional spectrophotometric analysis for nucleic acid quantitation and purity assessment using A260/A280 ratio measurement.

The SoloVPE Solution

  • Accurately measures DNA and plasma purity undiluted. 
  • Eliminates the need for baseline and scatter correction. 
  • Allows users to get an accurate R2  value by measuring the 260 nm and 280 nm wavelength simultaneously. 
  • Manipulates Beer’s law, allowing the System to accurately vary the absorbance with the change in pathlength.
  • Simultaneous wavelength measurement enables automated calculation of absorbance ratio.  
  • There is no sample handling or sample prep, just direct measurement, while the variable pathlength allows R2  of ≥0.999. 
  • The MultiQ feature allows users to measure 260 nm and 280 nm simultaneously.

Customer Use Cases

Scientists at Pfizer validated the determination of antisense oligonucleotides using the SoloVPE System.


Viral vector manufacturing process – Addressing bottlenecks with innovative solutions

In this webinar, we will share multiple applications and technologies that can address current manufacturing challenges and solutions to increase overall viral vector yield in various stages throughout the development and manufacturing processes. We will begin with strategies for intensifying plasmid DNA production, to secure the demand and quality of the raw material for AAV production. We will also discuss strategies to overcome the pain points associated with AAV and lentivirus production and purification at various manufacturing scales.

Accelerate process development with at-line concentration measurement

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how the CTech SoloVPE System, when used at-line in one or more stages of a process, can help to quickly identify process characteristics, provide key insights and allow for process optimization in minutes. VPT has enabled at-line measurement of concentration by eliminating the need for sample dilution or manipulation and delivering rapid and highly accurate real-time results.

Feel free to explore our resource library to learn more.

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