SoloVPE Application: Protein A280

The Most Direct Measurement for Proteins

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Measurement of protein concentrations using traditional UV-Vis spectroscopy is limited to a single pathlength and a single absorbance value per measurement. To bring the sample detection into the linear (dynamic) range, the user is forced to perform dilutions on the samples with time-consuming and labor-intensive steps.


  • Samples that are viscous, do not dissolve easily, foam up, or create air bubbles, interfere with analysis. 
  • Error-prone dilution and sample handling steps are later followed by calculations and subsequent data interpretation.

Slope Spectroscopy manipulates Beer-Lambert’s law, allowing the System to accurately vary the absorbance with the change in pathlength. With near-perfect linear regression, the SoloVPE System can accurately measure a wide range of concentrations without any dilution or baseline correction and with reliable and reproducible results.

The SoloVPE Solution

  • Variable pathlength technology allows the direct measurement of proteins, including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), which absorb light at 280 nm due to aromatic amino acids (primarily L-tyrosine and L-tryptophan). 
  • The System creates a minimum of five and up to 10 absorbance data points, generating a slope with regression R2 values of ≥0.999.
  •   System-to-system consistency and the easy and fast validation and implementation.

The SoloVPE has validated over 50 commercial drug products.


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