CTech FlowVPE® System

In-line process monitoring and control

CTech FlowVPE® System utilizes patented variable pathlength technology for in-line process monitoring and process analytical technology (PAT) fields. By evolving beyond the limitations of traditional fixed pathlength spectroscopy, the FlowVPE solution can reveal process insights, reduce process risk and improve process efficiencies. CTech variable pathlength technology has revolutionized the measurement of concentration by delivering rapid and accurate results while avoiding costly dilution and background correction which makes in-line concentration measurements possible since there is no need for sample manipulation. The FlowVPE allows for measurement of a wide range of sample concentrations at a broad linear range.

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When directly integrated in one or more locations of a process stream, the FlowVPE System reveals process characteristics that, until now, have been hidden due to the limitations of the most commonly used online fixed pathlength UV-Vis solutions. 


Capable of making spectral and fixed-point measurements at wavelengths between 190 nm and 1100 nm at pathlengths between 5 microns and 8 millimeters, the FlowVPE System is adaptable to a wide range of sample types and concentrations. It can support lab scale flow lines of 3 mm, pilot scale flow lines of 10 mm, and manufacturing scale of 22 mm.


The flexibility and robustness of the technology is unparalleled when compared to traditional UV-Vis techniques and equipment.

Key Benefits

Immediate Data

Immediate data without sending samples to other labs for analysis

Actionable Data

Actionable data to allow for quicker process understanding and design of experiments

Reduce Time

Reduce time needed for process development

Easy transfer

Easy transfer to later stage processes in Pilot or GMP

No More Sampling

No more long, hold steps for A280 (up to eight hours)

Multiple Drug Modalities

Proteins, DNA, Vaccines, AAV

Product Details


How to Unload a Flow Cell for the CTech FlowVPE System

How to Load a Flow Cell for the CTech FlowVPE System

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