CTechTM ViPER® ANLYTX Software

One platform for all your needs

Our newest and most innovative software tailored to your specific molecule. The CTechTM ViPER® ANLYTX platform is designed with an app-based architecture where each app is designed for a dedicated purpose. One software platform for all your analytical needs.  Our software allows for easy interpretation of sample data, providing key insights that are automatically generated from absorbance over pathlength and display slope, R2, wavelength, concentration, extinction coefficient (if known) and specific users results. Everything you need to take action within your process.

Powerful Tools to Empower Your Analytics

Explanations Where You Need It

Scattered throughout the interface are information pop-ups, to give you reminders, directions and background details on key aspects within the platform and apps — just look for the “i”.

Hardware Detection with Prompts

ViPER automatically detects and displays the status of your connected VPT device(s), also providing walk-through steps, where required, for setting your next testing sequence.

Modern Web Interface

Utilizing the latest state-of-the-art web tools to allow our platform to generate customized reports, offer various export options, and highly configurable security features.

Visualize your Data Even Further

High quality graphing features help you visualize your data better. Each application has unique tools that improve the analysis of the acquired data.

The Simplified Application Approach

Each task-based application (app) is designed for a specific purpose. Within each app you can create and save test profiles/methods for quick consistent results every time — for security and quality control there are levels of interaction access ranging from Admin to User status.

Quick Kinetics

Monitor your data in real time, watch your concentration as it changes throughout your process – the essence of variable pathlength technology. Design to support various applications such as: Chromatography, Dynamic Binding Capacity, Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration (UF/DF), Drug Product Manufacturing (Formulation), and many more. Built in guided hardware prompts enables the user to always follow best practices. Seamlessly float back between your sample and your data. 

Available for: CTechTM FlowVPE and CTechTM FlowVPX System

Quick Slope

Trust your data with discrete reads and detailed reporting. By utilizing a smart algorithm for optimal pathlength data collection, Quick Slope mode simplifies concentration. Fixed Slope mode drives distinct instructions for repeatable results. Accurate results in less than 60 seconds. Dive deep into the data with slope analysis and create individual reports by defining areas of focus, you gain the ability to calculate accurate concentration every time.

Available for: CTechTM SoloVPE System

Quick Survey

Discover the most optimal path for your sample. This application displays a full spectral scan with start and stop wavelengths. Run a customized pathlength instruction or choose a fixed pathlength method. Enhanced graphing tools enable better data analysis. Visualize and interact with your data like never before.

Available for: CTechTM SoloVPE System

Manual Controls

Manually configure your supported variable pathlength hardware settings. Fine tune your variable pathlength device to verify system performance. This application provides troubleshooting tools to make it so you’re never offline. Run individual instructions to verify every component is operational. Take control of your system.

Available for: CTechTM SoloVPE, CTechTM FlowVPE, and CTechTM FlowVPX Systems

Validate VPT

Verify the health of your system. This application performs system maintenance checks to ensure accuracy and reliability of supported variable pathlength hardware. Run highly repeatable and accepted tests to validate system performance. Robust logging allows users to maintain and follow best practices.  

Available for: CTechTM SoloVPE, CTechTM FlowVPE, and CTechTM FlowVPX Systems

Security, Validation and Hardware Details

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