LIVE from the LAB: FlowVPX + KR2i Connected Systems Showcase

See the FlowVPX® System in action with the Repligen KR2i TFF system to monitor and control UFDF by concentration, not weight.

The FlowVPX System harnesses the power of Slope Spectroscopy, which has been a proven technology for over 14 years in the biopharmaceutical industry for accurate and reliable quantification, with global adoption by major biopharma companies.

The FlowVPX system allows in-line process analytics (PAT) which complements the KR2i and larger-scale TFF systems. Rather than using UV sensors simply to monitor filter integrity, the FlowVPX can measure real-time concentration in the retentate line and control the entire process by connecting with the KR2i. Many target analytes can be quantitated – mRNA, DNA, proteins, peptides, ADCs, viral vectors, LNPs, exosomes, and more.

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