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Learn why Variable Pathlength Technology has been adopted by some of the largest companies around the globe and how it can help you



Variable Pathlength Technology

Increase Overall GMP Operational Efficiencies with Dilution-free Concentration Measurement and Capital ROI within 12 Months

In this webinar, we will demonstrate a practical business case where Slope Spectroscopy can save laboratory time and reagent/consumable cost, maximize FTE resources, eliminate unnecessary repeats and documentation, reduce batch-failures and deviations, and shorten the process development to market.

Implementation of the SoloVPE Technology for Protein Concentration Measurement of Monoclonal Antibodies

This webinar will share Regeneron’s experience with implementing the SoloVPE® technology in the Quality Control laboratories. It will describe the company’s use of the technology for protein concentration measurement of monoclonal antibodies, the benefits compared to previous protein concentration methods, and the challenges faced during implementation and validation.

Scalable In-line Concentration Measurement for Biologic Process Development and GMP Manufacturing

In this webinar we will demonstrate how the FlowVPE Slope Spectroscopy System, when directly integrated in one or more locations of a process stream, has helped reveal process characteristics that until now have been hidden due to the limitations of the most commonly used online fixed pathlength UV-Vis solutions.

Revolutionary Approach to UV-Vis Measurements: SoloVPE® Slope Spectroscopy®

In this webinar, we will review VPT and how it can be used in various applications from protein therapeutics to gene therapy. We will share real-world case studies demonstrating how leading biologic companies have integrated the SoloVPE System into their manufacturing workflow for release and in-process testing.

Evaluating the new CTech FlowVPX System for UF/DF-Protein Concentration

An evaluation of the FlowVPX and Viper software was performed to determine it’s potential as an inline instrument for product concentration measurement during UF/DF operation, particularly high concentration UF/DF processes that are required for subcutaneous injection formulations (>150 g/L). The FlowVPX has significant potential for GMP and commercial biologics manufacturing.

Application of Variable Pathlength Technology for Rapid Determination of Dynamic Binding Capacity

KBI Biopharma has applied the use of variable pathlength technology for rapid generation of breakthrough curves and determination of DBC for capture resin selection. FlowVPE, a variable pathlength UV detector from C Technologies, is integrated with the chromatographic system for real time generation of breakthrough curves, reducing the time and cost associated with the development of the primary capture step. This technology helps accelerate the overall process development timeline. Case studies are included.

Go with the Flow – Expert Webinar Series

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is intended to support innovation and efficiency in biological therapeutics development, manufacturing, and quality assurance. In-line or near-line measurements of product purity are particularly important to improve efficiencies, reduce risk and improve product quality. The application of variable pathlength (VP) UV spectroscopy allows for concentration measurements in an extended dynamic range. Join us to learn from the experts that have successfully implemented variable pathlength technology into their PAT strategies.

Determination of bacterial growth curve using OD600 and the SoloVPE® Device

Process monitoring and control are of the highest importance in the manufacturing of such microorganisms to allow good product quality when monitoring the growth kinetics of the cells. Learn how CTech™ SoloVPE® System’s variable pathlength technology can adapt optical density measurements as an in-line or at-line monitoring tool for cell growth in bioreactors.

Slope Spectroscopy® for Gene Therapy Analytics

If you are already using traditional UV, qPCR, ELISA, HPLC, Analytical ultracentrifugation or Cryo-EM then you should attend to see how the Slope spectroscopy methods can enhance your analytical toolset. Learn how Slope Spectroscopy® technology with a SoloVPE® System can address the challenges in gene therapy analytics of speed, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Titer Analysis Application

Register to learn how to engage with the challenges of accuracy, speed, and cost effectiveness for Titer Analysis. During this webinar, you’ll see how Slope Spectroscopy redefined UV method development to enhance your analytical process monitoring toolset.


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Learn why Variable Pathlength Technology has been adopted by the largest pharmaceutical companies around the globe and how it could help you.

Teaser: Slope Spectroscopy for Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Teaser: Slope Spectroscopy for Gold Particle Testing (GPT)

Teaser: Slope Spectroscopy for Polysorbate PS80

Teaser: Slope Spectroscopy for Titer Analysis

How-to Videos

See our technology in action. Watch how-to videos on instrument best practices, additional support and maintenance.

How-to: Optimize Fiber Optic Coupler

How-to: Change SoloVPE Quick Set & TBA Fibrette Coupler

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