Characterizing Gold Nanoparticle Detection Using Slope Spectroscopy

Virus-removal filters are a key component in many bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The gold particle test is a common and effective way to confirm that the filter pore size has remained unchanged throughout the process. Spectroscopic analysis of concentrated gold particle solutions pre and post filtration is the preferred method to validate filter and process integrity. To avoid the risks of passing ineffective filters and the costs of false positive results, the measurement technique used must be robust, accurate and highly sensitive. Since the post-filtration absorbance levels are in the range of 0.01 Abs on a 1 cm pathlength measurement, this verification technique can benefit from the dynamic range made possible by the variable pathlength technology in the SoloVPE System. A new Slope Spectroscopy® based method for filter verification offers time & cost savings while delivery the increased confidence associated with a slope based measurement

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